Monday, November 13, 2006

This Blog Is Closed

The authors of this blog have moved on in their lives. We have left Christianity and are still living fulfilling lives... believe it or not. Feel free to read all you want, but any comments you have probably won't get much attention.

Thank you all for your support in the midst of the active days of this lil' site.

Oh... and those of you who continue to leave messages containing things like the proclamations that we're being 'tormented by devils' and that we're in a 'miserable state' along with your 'claiming us back for Christ'... just know that it's not working and that your comments are simply laughed at and deleted before anyone else ever gets to see how spiritual you are.

Don't forget that our freewill is more powerful than God's ability to woo us back into the fold and that it is impossible for there to be true and 100% freewill co-existing with an all-controlling sovereign god. Oh well... keep on praying if it makes you feel better. We truly wish you the best!



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